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windows 95 disk full


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10 hours ago, ZortMcGort11 said:

Just more questions... you said you looked around for a big file that may be causing problems.... can I ask you? Was this computer ever hooked up to the internet?

If so, it may not be one huge file, it may be millions of little ones in a temp folder, either used by Windows itself or Internet Explorer.

Any time in the past 25 years you ever delete the cache? If not, you may have a huge cache of "Temporary Internet Files" stored by Internet Explorer. That thing was notorious for just accumulating endless amount of picture files off the net. I don't think they ever set a limit to that thing, by default I think it was set to just run wild and store every single picture ever viewed!

Try going into Internet Explorer web browser looking at the menu.... click on "Tools," then "Internet Options," then under "temporary internet files" click on "delete Files."

Then check and see how much free space is available on your drive.

it has some cache but not that much, im gonna save it all to preserve all the images and ads of that web Golden era.

i has been used regularly until like 2005 or so, then i got it in 2015 and i put it back online in 2020

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17 hours ago, RainyShadow said:

Run Scandisk.

If this doesn't fix it - get a copy of Volkov/Norton/whatever Commander and use the "Directory sizes" function, or just select folders (with the Insert key) to see their sizes. Go into the biggest folder, repeat until you find the culprit.

Maybe it's not a single big file, but a folder with thousands of small files?

would like to but i cant install any software, im gonna put annother disk in as a user said, i dont know why i havent tought about that, an im gonna free up as much as possible then copy all files i can, im not gonna delete anything since i wanna keep it as  time capsule

the pc is currently online but the disk full prevents me from installing retrozilla

btw i run scandisk every once a while

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2 hours ago, stvpls said:

would like to but i cant install any software

No worries, just extract the archive and run VC.COM - no need to install anything. It's under 200KB.

Get the latest version from here - https://vvv.kiev.ua/download/

Run it, pull down the menu (F9) and select "Full". Then F9 again, go to Options > Panels... and enable "Auto directory sizes".

Now navigate to the top of the C: drive and dive into the folder with the biggest size shown.

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What happens when you right click the root directory folders to get their properties? It should show their size and size on disk you should be able to narrow it down from there. Select all root directory folders properties and see if it correlates to close to 2GB or not.

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2 GB isn't much! You probably will fill it up when installing games, programs, and just by using Windows 95. Do you need a hard drive? I have an 8 GB (3,5" IDE) spare here.

But it seems, you were surprised, that your hard drive shows it's full. Maybe a corrupted file can confuse the disk space? I had this once, that a broken file was showing a false file size, which was even bigger than my hard drive! It also had a corrupted file name and was undeleteable therefore. Inserting a Linux live CD and deleting it helped.

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1 hour ago, Goodmaneuver said:

It can also be in the root directory - win386.swp

It can be anywhere if you modify SYSTEM.INI

I set mine to P:\PAGEFILE.SYS which is shared with WinXP and Win7 :P



Dont forget to tell us what was using up your space when you find it :)

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FoldersReport v1.21


The FoldersReport utility scans a drive or a base folder that you select, and displays essential information for each folder that it finds: The size of all files inside the folder, The real files size on the disk, number of files inside the folder, number of hidden files, number of compressed files, and number of subfolders. You can use this utility to easily find out which folders use the most space in your drive. You can scan the folders of your local drives, CD-ROM drives, and network resources on a remote computer.

^ I tried it on my computer, works good.

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Disktective v4.0 - Disk-space recovery utility for Win95-XP


Really good folder program that has bars, pie charts, and shows you a picture of what folders use the most space.

Scroll down the page until you see "Disktec.zip"


Any updates?

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