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Get XP application to work on Windows 7+

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Posted (edited)
20 hours ago, vinifera said:

aaah i missed important stuff in 1st post
maybe you are to try with even older control version

try winME or NT 4

i see it uses visual cpp 6 version, these have problems when encountering vista and above
and were meant for win9x mostly

or maybe just stiff in same folder win2k commoncontrols

I've tried pretty much every Windows comdlg32.dll I could find from NT3.51 to Vista

When I use the one from Windows 98 it kinda works but without the listbox, it's blank. But saving and opening files does work but it's very unstable and prone to crash. I then tried the Reactos version of this file and this one seems to work best. Absolutely stable but still without a working listbox.

I don't know if that's important but redirecting to a comdlg32.dll file from Windows XP DOES work great on Windows Vista, the open/save dialog works without any problems.

But not on Windows 7, unfortunately.



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34 minutes ago, jumper said:

Unless it does. Why are you not willing to try?

That never works. The app won't be able to read the returned string. That invalidates all following tests, so change it back and retest everything.

The correct api is GetOpenFileNameA.


I know that this problem also exists in much newer versions of this application, even Wavelab 5 has the same problem, so updating to version 3.04g can't change much.

The reason why I mentioned the GetOpenFileNameW stuff is only that I hoped it might be helpful to anyone to track down the problem.


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The fix applies to Windows Vista.

And in Windows Vista it does fix the problem.

But I'm not using Windows Vista.

For those interested this is what a guy wrote on a forum about it:



Like many others, I was frustrated when I found out that
Wavelab 5 did not run on Vista. Even more frustrated when
Steinberg said that they would not fix the problem for version 5.
Instead, one had to buy the new version 6. Yeah right!

Well good news! I happen to be good at reverse engineering and
I have a solution for you all. I was very curious on finding why
in hell Wavelab crashed when trying to “Open” or to “Save As…”
a file. Well, it looks like the problem comes from some changes in
the comdlg32.dll in Vista. Some wavelab variable gets overwritten
by the GetOpenFilename function inside comdlg32.dll. That causes
the application to crash. By debugging the disassembled code, I was
able to realize that Steinberg could have easily fixed the bug. They only
had to make a minor change in the source code. They wont fix it because
they want to make more money off you!

By The Black Numenorean


I can confirm that this fix will also work with my version (3) on Windows Vista 32Bit

I don't know if it's a 64bit vs. 32Bit problem but unfortunately on Windows 7 64Bit it doesn't work.

Would be interesting to see if it works on Windows 7 32Bit but I dont't have that.


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for some veird version, even on compat mode to win95 crash dump still reports that program uses NT 6.1 version of com controlls and not lower

ill install 7 SP1 / x86 and report back

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Posted (edited)


But maybe that's part of the problem: Because it uses the new comdlg version it crashes.

But at least it opens the dialog box (before it crashes) so it does seem to improve compatibility a bit.

But on the other hand it also crashes when you redirect it to use an older comdlg version.


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ill install 7 SP1 / x86 and report back

Yes, that would be interesting.

And it would also be interesting if redirecting to an older comdlg32.dll file works on 32Bit Win 7 because it does on Vista 32Bit.


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at this point i'd say its not worth the effort
either upgrade
or use components/dll's from upgraded version

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