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Driver for Nvidia 1060 XP x64.


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Anyone got a working driver for the Nvidia 1060? Found that you can add lines with ID to the driver inf file, added them, the driver was installed, but does not work. When the system was turned on, it got 640x480 resolution and 4-bit color. Perhaps you need a specific driver version? I've tried 368.81-desktop-winxp-64bit-international. I have a 1060 3GB graphics card, but I think there is no difference from the amount of memory.

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10 hours ago, jaclaz said:

I think latest for XP are 368.91:

This driver is for 32 bits only.

11 hours ago, jaclaz said:

But it seems like it is a hit and miss game, see:

Yes, no one seems to have been able to run 10x0 graphics cards. :(

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1 hour ago, jaclaz said:

on the other thread Burd linked to them and latet for XP64 are 368.81:

Still I don't think they will work. :dubbio:



I did , but even on vista they dont work properly so it functioning on XP is far-fetched i would say.

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