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Collection of Windows 9x and NT 4 Updates (Incomplete and needs help)


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The goal of this thread is to build a complete archive for the official updates, hotfixes and utilities of Windows 9x and NT 4 in all languages.

I started to collect them in 2010 but unfortunately due to the sickness of laziness and the busy life of being a student, work was stopped after the English updates and the updates in other languages are not available anymore when the work resume in early 2017. Have tried to salvage them via hotfix request service before they shut it down but sadly only a few of them can be saved, most the updates from 2003 to 2006 were exclusive to the Windows Update site of 98, 98 SE and ME and only stored on the servers for v3 and v4 Update site, although some of them are probably still online right now, you can't grab them unless you know the exact hash value of them, and you can no longer access the Update Catalog from the update site as both of them have been decommissioned since mid-2011.  Also for NT 4, the updates are available for download from the Download Center but most of the files and pages have been taken offline in 2015.

Link to the my collection archive:


There are two root folders, important and optional, the important folder contains the critical updates which were offered by the Windows Update v3 and v4 sites back when they online, meanwhile the optional folder consists of updates, utilities and hotfix that were available from the product homepages from the Wayback Machine as well as other updates which were not classified as critical. Due to the amount of NT 4 updates, a dedicated folder has been created for English updates. The English updates of 98, 98 SE and ME from the Windows Update Catalog are also included within the Important\WU\v4 directory. All the files are taken from MS or the Wayback Machine.

Here is the speadsheet that listed the updates included in the archive:
When the character 'd' is marked with the updates, it's done and included. For any contribution, it's marked with 'c'.

If you have or you know someone have any remaining bits of them which are missing form the archive, please kindly share them or try to ask them to share, I will create an index below for any contribution.

In addition, I have recorded some short videos when browsing the v3 and v4 update site back in 2010, if you are interested please head to this playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFqzRmfBPvV-nTjtsGn6USNqAUA8-Nvxk.


Any comments and suggestions are welcome.
Thank you!

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