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Mesa3d or similar program for Windows 98SE?


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Does anyone know where I can find an archive of Mesa3d or a similar program for windows 98 se? I want to run a program on my vm that doesn't have gpu support. I would prefer to have opengl 2.1 support, but I can get it to run down to opengl 1.1. I have searched everywhere on google, but cannot find any archives of a compiled version of mesa3d similar programs, and have no clue how to compile programs on anything earlier than winxp. Thank you!

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You should really try to get the program working on your host if at all possible, software acceleration is going to be slow.

Go here for binaries: http://www.vogonsdrivers.com/wrappers/files/OpenGL/GDI/Mesa/

v6.5 should work on 9x. When these files were tested KernelEx wasn't a thing so it's possible newer versions may work with that.

try v7.8.2 or v10.0.02 these work with 2000 so try them with KernelEX

Try v17.0.0 this works with XP so try with KernelEX

v19.3.1 for Vista but doubtful that will work with KernelEX

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