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Windows 2000 on a Toshiba satellite C855


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On June, I would install Windows 2000 and Windows 10 in a dual boot in my Toshiba C855 (computer which I bought in 2013). That computer has 8gb RAM and an I5 processor. I know that there are drivers for Windows XP. I don't know if I could install some drivers after KernelEX installation. Also, I am using on that computer Windows 10 and I don't know if I could have problems with drivers if I format it directly and install Windows 2000. I probably will use this iso image

<link removed>

because has functions like autologon and you can shut down it with cmd. I try it in a Virtual Machine and installed KernelEX V29I but it's not very stable. In addition, explorer and other programs crash. What updates and what I would need if I want to install Win2000+KernelEX in that computer.

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I can help you with this a bit.

Drivers won't magically work after installing KernelEx. It will help somewhat but it depends on what you want to run. Blackwingcat has a bunch of modded NVIDIA and AMD drivers on his website but generally you need to modify the INF file of the driver in order for Windows to see it. I've never gotten that down pat though. Which drivers are you looking to run?

You can easily dual boot Windows 2000 and Windows 10 on the same computer. I do this myself in fact. Install Windows 2000 first, then install Window 10. Windows 10 has a cool boot menu which gives you access to your mouse and you can manually click on the OS you want to use. My main rig uses a Core i5 2500 and it runs with no issues whatsoever.

I would also check out Tomasz86's HFSLIP repository as far as updates are concerns.


Slipstream those updates in a clean ISO file of Windows 2000 SP4 using HFSLIP. Then I'd install a slightly older version of KernelEx, like early 20s version, and then start installing the later versions. Windows doesn't seem to take well from just jumping right up from nothing to KernelEx 3.0 or whatever version we're on now. Also, make sure to install Extended Core as well, if your laptop utilizes a Realtek HD audio codec, you can use the PAE switch and utilize the full 8GBs of RAM in your computer. Heck, I have 32GBs in mine and it sees every single bit of it.

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@Tommy, thank you. I thought that I needed to put the linck of the iso file because I thought that the problems were in the iso file. If you search in google Toshiba Satellite C855 xp drivers, you will find a linck of driverscape. For me are very important the audio, network, bluetooth and related drivers.

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