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Cannot Register DLL


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XP Pro_SP3

This is an all-too-familiar Windows error message:

"DLL was loaded, but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found.
This file cannot be registered."

I'm trying to register pngfilt.dll. Ran SFC. No corrupt system files.

I've got two apps. RegDllView_v1.60 and Register Tool_v1.1.0. Both failed to register the DLL.

This is my home office computer and I'm the only user.

Could this procedure be performed before Windows starts, from a bootable disk or flash drive?

I can't think of anything else.
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But before that, are you sure that the dll actually needs to be registered?

Windows errors can be sometimes misleading, maybe is some other file that creates the issue.

Can you provide some context?

There is a known issue related to that file in combination with some Java programs/updates, maybe you are having something similar:


This may (or it may not) be the fix you need:



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Regsvr32 will give this error if you attempt to load a file that cannot be registered with Regsvr32. It says that in the message, the "no entry point" part means that the DLL is not designed to be registered. So this error is normal.

Unless, regsvr32 cannot register any DLL, then that would be a different story.

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Regsvr32 works with other DLLs, so it's not damaged.

I will provide some context about this problem, but it's a bottomless pit with no solutions.

All over the web you can find discussions that go on for hundreds of pages about reCAPTCHA.
I'm referring to "I'm not a robot" followed by those thumbnail images. Select cars, buses, fire
hydrants, etc.

Millions of people have trouble loading and using reCAPTCHA. I've probably tried 50 fixes.
If I refresh the page dozens of times, reCAPTCHA occasionally loads.

There is a Bypass reCAPTCHA script that works with GreaseMonkey. I tried the script. Doesn't
seem to do anything.

Registering pngfilt.dll is from a blog created by a very smart IT professional. He listed several
reCAPTCHA fixes. It's very possible pngfilt.dll cannot be registered.

This reCAPTCHA problem constantly reminds me of circuits I breadboarded many years ago, when
I was learning electronics. If a signal is weak you carefully add stages that increase signal strength
without creating distortion.

There should be an app that works between the Google servers and your browser. Something that
would focus all those bytes of reCAPTCHA data and beam it full strength into your browser. I know,
it's just wishful thinking.

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"registering a .dll" may be different from "registering a .dll".

In a nutshell a .dll may be :

1) containing NO registering info for Regsvr32 or equivalent
2) containing ONLY part of the full registering info for Regsvr32 or equivalent
3) containing ALL registering info for the FULL registering for Regsvr32 or equivalent

Additionally another program may add or modify registry data related to a given .dll.

So, unless a .dll is of type #3 above there is simply NO way you can "repair" its Registry info using Regsvr32 or equivalent.

Hence the provided resources, containing the "standard" Registry entries for that particular .dll, try it and report:





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You can also run a trace on Internet Explorer to see if you can find any errors when trying to process a page. I would create a .htm file with just a .png sourced in the body. Open Internet Explorer and set it to about:blank. Then open Procmon and set iexplore.exe to included processes. Put the path to the .htm into the address bar, start the procmon trace, then press enter on the address bar. After the page quickly loads, stop the trace and save the PML. You can then look for yourself, but if you need help looking at that output, you can zip the PML and attach it here.


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