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Several computers, multiplatform,webbrowser versions and XP


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As most of you, I have multiple computers and even different OSes on these computers (winXP included)

Sometimes I want to have several versions of the same browser for the sake of testing. It can be done with portables but they have their own profile folder and keeping aligned would be a pain.

To deal with this, I have created a batch menu to access to browsers and profile folders (previously organized). So I can copy browser/profiles folders from a computer to another and be sure that they will work (as far as they are compatible with target platform)

I hope this batch script menu can be useful for you too.(*1)



For example I have some browsers/profiles that I am used to "share" between WinXP and ReactOS.


 (*1) (Do always a backup of your profile before opening with a different browser on the same computer, Better safer than sorry )


With the exception of Palemoon, the other browser are XP compatible (eve ReactOS)



Just copying folders from time to time I can keep almost align the different computers (power users can figure out about solutions based "real" time sync)


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