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Fastest Windows 10 since w8.0/w8.1 + no GUI lag & fast explorer.exe & no slow on hdd

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Hi everybody, I want to share something I discovered yesterday after days trying different builds based in post w8.1 (6.3.6900) and before w10 rtm (10.0.10240) to get all my drivers working but without the slowness of w10.



- If you have a powerful cpu and a dedicated gpu, with 16gb or 32 gb of RAM you probably don't care about which version of windows 10 you are running and all I'm gonna tell you is not addressed to you. 

- This is addressed to people who want to get w7 / w8 / w8.1 general OS speed in w10 in a PC / Laptop / Ultrabook / Tablet without a dedicated GPU and also cannot run older windows versions like w7 / w8/ w81 on newer hardware because of drivers or bios incompatibilities, for example.

- This is not another post to talk about LTSB 2015/2016, LTSC 2019 or other normal builds like 1809, 1903, 1909...

- This post is intended to get the fastest Windows 10 version based on a Windows 10 beta build, which, at the same time, it's based on something between 6.3.9600 and 10.0.10240 but it's compatible and faster on modern hardware.

- So this is to get the best possible experience on a nowadays basic hardware: INTEL cpu/gpu + 4GB ram + HDD + no dedicated gpu.


WHAT YOU -probably- HAVE TRIED UNTIL now to get the fastest OS as possible:

After lot of attempts to get anything different than w10 working on a new laptop, as you know it has lag, it's slow on HDDs, has some Standby Memory issues (at least in 10240 rtm / 1507 ltsb ) which need to be fixed using third party software, and explorer is very slow too.

And also in every update you lost your telemetry/privacy config and also you can't full control when updates are installed since 1607..

Of course I tried disabling things like Spectre Meltdown, tools to remove metro immersive shell, tweaking mmcss, tweaking svchost, tweaking Win32PrioritySeparation, multimedia performance values, intelppm (which seems limites the cpu max speed; search about it)...

I also tried OldNewExplorer/RibbonDisabler, Winaero tweaker, Ultimate Windows Tweaker,  blackviper services, startisback, superfetch off, winxshell... 

Yes, you can get a decent OS, of course all of this was tried on LTSB 2015 & 2016. 

But after all these tweaks are applied.. you always thing the same: W.10.W.C.E. (these is a topic about w10 in the forum deciphering these initials).

So, after a lot of time tweaking trying to get something decent or similar to w7/w8 experience you ended with less cpu usage and less ram usage but the lag are still here, well, if you have a SSD, you get more or less the same experience you will get in w7 / w8 / w8.1 on a HDD.


LONG STORY SHORT: w7 / w8.0 / w8.1 performance on Windows 10: Build 10.0.10074


- It's compatible with all new hardware supported since 10240. It doesn't have the slow explorer & the GUI lag. 

- Modern Intel cpus/gpus are supported. It has WDDM 2.0 enabled but in an early version, so it's something between 1.3 & 2.0. All w10 THRESHOLD1 RTM drivers are working on it.

- Metro is not as heavy as it is on 10240 RTM probably cause it's not finished.

- No lag, and the benefits of the amazing memory management in w10 + Less resource usage. 


Why this build?

- It has some updates (6) available: https://changewindows.org/build/10074/server

- The last update (server version) ends with the same number as the RTM mmmmm strange.. isn't it? considering Official RTM is 10.0.10240 --> 10.0.10074.240, yes 240

- As you can see it's updated until SEP 15' (2 months after 10.0.10240 RTM was released), maybe it's possible to install these updates (x64) on client version like @greenhillmaniac does in w8 ( https://msfn.org/board/topic/175105-server-2012-updates-on-windows-8/ )



Other observarions:

- When you install server version (Server Technical Preview 2 which is Server 2016 beta build) you can see "Server 2012 R2" strings in some parts of  the installation. Server 2012 R2 is based on w8.1 as you know so maybe it's the reason it is, at least, as fast as w7 & w8, but considering the w8.1 metro part it's removed because the w10 metro it's under development, you get something more like w8.0 than w8.1 in terms of resource usage.

- You can get a very modular OS if you install the Server version (only 512 mb of RAM in the requirements, I tried and it uses less than this) but I can't get bluetooth working (I know some people changed things in registry to get it working)

- As I read somewhere: Startisback 1.0 RC2 (probably 1.0 final ) it's compatible. In case you want to skin the taskbar and increase the buttons size.. 

- If you try the server version make sure you change your power plan to High Performance since the power plan can affect in different way in server version: powercfg.exe /setactive 8c5e7fda-e8bf-4a96-9a85-a6e23a8c635c 



- If  you don't change your bios date you can't boot it since it's timebombed to 2015


Believe me, try it and give me your feedback, please.. You won't believe how fast & smooth it is compared to all other w10 versions.



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I find the fact that you have to run this build with the wrong date alone problematic.

Win10 in general does take forever to load initially on HDDs, that's for sure. It doesn't seem like they have any plans to address this. Even though the OS already hibernates by default when you use shut down option, it still takes some time to log back on after turning the machine on.

Recently, I've been skipping the logging off part and just put it straight into hibernation. That helps a lot with having it ready ASAP after turning it on.

Also, what exactly does turning off Superfetch service accomplish? It doesn't seem to turn off the whole standby memory functionality.

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