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No sound after upgrade to Longhorn from XP


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I've got other problem. I tried to install Longhorn 4074 but the installer asked me the location of some drivers which include audio and I can specify it because I use an OCR system. I couldn't work without sound because of my blindness. I found in an post of betaarchives that it is posible upgrade Windows xp to Longhorn 4001, upgrade it to Longhorn 4029 and finally upgrade Longhorn 4029 to 4093. I haven't any problems installing Windows xp but when I finished to upgrade xp to Longhorn, I haven't sound and this is a problem for me. I don't know if during the upgrade Windows Longhorn delete all XP drivers. If Longhorn doesn't delete any xp files, I prefer to upgrade. If this upgrade is possible we could create a common VMware drivers for XP and Longhorn because in modern versions of VMware have problems with sound in old windows VM. Other solution could be create a blog with Longhorn Virtual Box/VMware virtual machines with the drivers installed. It could be difficult to create an unattended Windows Longhorn but thanks if any can create some unattended Windows Longhorn builds (with VMware/Virtual Box drivers). I prefer VMware. For people who thinks that the Longhorn themes are a good idea I dissapoint it because it doesn't change the start menu and doesn't put Windows XP sounds which all pre-reset Longhorn build uses. I want to test some Longhorn builds (specially 4074) because Windows Vista introduces a lot of changes and is interesting to see its evolution.

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