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Error 2096 "virtual machine platform" and "containers"


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I am a newbie regarding W10. When I tried to generate a new ISO based on W10 1903 Enterprise, with WIN 7 as current OS, without breaking "compatibility", I got Error 2096 (See log enclosed)

I tried first without added updates and drivers, was able to generate an ISO.

An other try with drivers and applicable updates crashes.

There is an Issue with "virtual machine platform" and "containers"... (after disabling both previous selected, it went through again)


NTLite(1).log NTLite_dism.log

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Hi Wolfe,

thanks for the feedback.

It is true that Win7 as a host does not allow HyperV feature configuration, it requires a missing API from it.
Containers uses HyperV so thus the error. Will also lock that, only locked HyperV in the UI when Win7+Win10 is detected.

Let me know if I missed anything, it should work with the HyperV (and thus dependent Containers) feature state intact.

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