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Desktop Tweaking for Win9x -- Make it Look Better!


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^Check out this program, it's Dope!!! Very simple way to make stuff look better/modern.

On your desktop it can make your icon's text transparent. Which I thinks makes it look cleaner and more up-to-date.

Here's what it does: You just run the installer, then the program gets added to your StartUp folder, so that when you start your computer it always comes on and is minimized to the system tray.

Then right click on the little icon in your system tray, then click on "Transparent Icon Text Background Color." That's it!

Then to make it look more cool, right click on your desktop, select properties, then click on the "Appearance" tab. Then click on the "Item" drop down list and select "Icon." Once you select "icon" from the list, then you can select the font and text size you want. I put mine on Verdana, font size size 9.

Now it looks pretty Neato!

Anybody else got any desktop tweaking programs or hints ??? Thanks.

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Doesn't Revolutions Pack do the same and much more?


I also recall some other non-free solution

Nice, but resource-eating and unstable.

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