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key use for experimental versions


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   I downloaded the experimntal version for the recent, for me, Windows 10 May 2019 update. Just now, my laptop began showing the DOS box window running and the in-place effects.

As usual, the watermark showed up brings brings up the question: shouldn't the user not have to use one of his/her four key downloads with the experimental versions? I just downloaded my fourth.

I'm going to make another donation, but if the experimental use of keys is considered policy, I think that should be noted on the experimental version download webpage. After all, there is some risk in using an experimental version, albeit small, I imagine. 


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That is to be expected until BigMuscle makes the release version, your donate key needs to be kept but does not register the experimental version.  You will also see the watermark.  Just hit cancel on the first notification, keep the DOS window running (it is harmless, just minimize it), and hit okay I believe on the next dialog.  Correct me if wrong.

Hang tight, we are all waiting for the release version for 1903.



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