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Someone please upload latest IE Core files?

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I have newest cumulative POS2009 files for IE8 for integration into SP3 via nlite on standby.
However... I don't need/want IE8 on target unattended Install - only the latest Core IE components. It is my understanding that nlite can strip IE entirely and that (please correct if wrong) according to nlite strip procedure, service pack, hotfix integration and comonent removal are done in that order, and that (for e.g.) if IE8 (and subsequent cum updates) were added as hotfix at start, the component removal stage (which comes last) still removes IE8, while leaving latest IE Core components (from latest IE8 hotfixes) intact.

This  is long-winded though, a simpler approach would be to patch following files, namely inetcpl.cpl (and dependencies where any), in order to expose TLS 1.1/2 checkboxes in Internet Options window.


So can someone with IE8 + latest POS2009 updates upload these files in a zip so I can test please?

If a simple patch like this doesn't work I will have to integrate normal way, however its not clear if embedded hotfixes will integrate smoothly onto fresh SP3 source, if anyone can clarify that, that would be great.

Thank you for reading.

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