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Windows XP is getting derailed on purpose

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Hi guys,

I know it is pretty useless to whine about things that are completely out of someone's control; but I am so p***ed that I needed to vent out.

I have not been using my Windows XP machine for some time now, ever since I found out that MS Office 2010 does not work anymore due to Microsoft's own cretinous updates. Back then I did not have the nerve and the patience to try to fix the issue and shelved the computer temporally.

A few days ago I decided to play some old game on it, and turned it on. Almost immediately it became clear that:

- Windows Defender's definitions cannot be updated any longer; I tried to update via the program itself, via the Microsoft Update, and manually - none of these worked.

- Adblock and AdblockPlus no longer work in Firefox 52.9.1 ESR. When I try to browse any site now on the Internets, I get flooded by such a river of spams and ads that it is practically useless.

- TeamViewer (11.0.xxxxx) drops the remote session to another computer after a few minutes, displaying some idiotic message that you have to update. Problem is, newer versions on TeamViewer are not compatible with Windows XP (at least I could not get it to work).

- Skype does not work either.

All in all, there is concerted effort to forcefully make people give up on WinXP - even though it is perfectly usable OS for people who do not care for the latest software or like me play older games. Worse even, we are running out of alternatives to programs that are needed in WinXP but do not work any more. I just cannot understand one thing: nobody puts a gun to the head of Microsoft and their ilk and try to make them continue support for WinXP and programs running on it. Why can't they leave it at least working instead of shutting down almost everything related to this OS?






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Well, you're much welcome to vent up. So am I to rant, right? Yeah, it goes like this:

1.) All the issues you mentioned have solutions described in detail in this very forum.
2.) Athough it's easy to filx the Word 2010 issue, one can remain using Word 2000 (or even Word 97) for most if not all tasks commonly performed with it. Same goes for XL and Powerpoint.
3.) Al that is required is to arm oneself with patience and read the threads where the solutions are described. XP went EoS, then POSReady 2009 went EoS. MS did it because it was in their power to do so and they've decided it was in their interest to do  so. Regardless of what any of us thinks about it. So it's up to us, the die-hard users, to support ourselves 'n one another... it's less confortable than leaving all responsibility fall on MS. Then again, for one who loves XP or just isn't confortable (or able) to cave in, it sure is worth it. One may whine. Then again, one may stand up and fight. Long live XP!

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Do not panic! For everything there are solutions:

Office 2010:


In Firefox, due to a crash in all versions, all add-ons stopped working, this problem has affected all operating systems. Fix:

TeamViewer 14 version works in XP.

Skype 7 version no longer works in any OS.

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Hi guys,

Just want to mention that I installed latest version of TeamViewer 13 (13.2.36215) on my WinXP SP3 Home OEM machine and it seems to be working fine so far. Meaning I did not once get the nagging screen forcing me to update to the newest TV (which is 14.x.xxxx). Good, at least one thing works (still).

Greets to all.

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On 5/7/2019 at 9:46 AM, assenort said:

Windows Defender's definitions cannot be updated any longer; I tried to update via the program itself, via the Microsoft Update, and manually - none of these worked.

If you use Microsoft security essentials you can be helped.

For the topic "Teamviewer", I currently use the version v14.2.8352.


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Hello Heinoganda:

Thank you for your reply. I will definitely consider transitioning to Windows Security Essentials.

Do you mean that you have installed and are using TeamViewer 14.2.8352 on Windows XP? If yes, did you have any problems during install? Not long ago I tried to install TV 14.x.xxxx only to get a message that is is not compatible with WinXP or something...

Best :-)

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