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Customizing Windows 9x themes?


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Hey y'all!
Where can I find a good tutorial of installing themes on Windows 95, 98, ME, and maybe 2000. On the internet, there's plenty of support for customization on Windows XP and later, but I cannot find one very easily on Windows 9x besides revolutions pack!

If you can provide me sites that do so, thank you!

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I think, there were just theme files, which configured cursors, window colors, background desktop image, and sounds, and were applied just by double-clicking them. They were available for Windows with Active Desktop. And then you could also configure these settings separately via Control Panel. But that was long enough ago, so I'm not sure if this is correct.

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The Windows 9x theme engine originated with the win95 plus! pack, then was bundled with 98/Me. And as such the themes encompassed the things mentioned above, as well as screensavers. I believe that Plus! 98 refined the themes applet by allowing for a monthly rotation of themes; that particular version was burrowed away in Windows 2000 (run themes.exe to use it).

You can make and save your own theme files in addition to using the ones from the plus packs (and bundled with the later 9x OSes); a few downloadable ones are circulating but I can't remember because they are intertwined with the XP-style themes.

You may also be interested in the LiteStep skinning engine, which supports 9x and win2k:


Unfortunately many of the newer themes don't like running on win2k and some of their dependencies are MIA. But if you pick up the "LS Installer" and then find some early 2000s themes you should be good

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