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2 hours ago, Mcinwwl said:


I usually try to pan things, but I'm afraid I don't get you two this time... :(

I don't think that puns (and "nerdy" ones at that) can be explained, (actually they can but the effect is spoiled forever).

Or do you mean why I posted that (IMHO funny) image? :dubbio:

Here :


you can find some actually explained ones, including this (IMHO terrible):

Heard about that new band called 1023 MB? They haven't had any gigs yet.

and this (IMHO very, very good):

A photon is going through airport security. The TSA agent asks if he has any luggage. The photon says, "No, I'm traveling light."


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@Mcinwwl I don't possess the "drive" to install off all of those floppies.  First, I don't physically have a micro-floppy drive.  Next, even if I did, I am so used to optical disc installations, that I couldn't stand the patience required to sit through floppy installations anymore.  :)


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Not being Office 97, but I had once attempted an Office install with floppy disks and had a somewhat bad time as well. Rather than one of the disks being bad or unreadable, the antivirus installed kept detecting a virus on one of the disks. Of course, it wasn't disk 1.

When it comes to long installations of software altogether, I believe the longest I had experienced was somewhat recent. Again I can't recall the version specifically, but it was some (then) newish (if not the newest) version of MSSQL. Installing onto the original "Unclesocks" took about two hours. This would have been around 2007 or so.

And let's not forget about things that are extremely silly today, but was once something commonplace. Programs that had documentation disks. Especially things like Visual Studio, you had one or two CDs for just the documentation that would add to your install. Fortunately, those were always an optional thing during the process. In my first development job in 2005, I remember skipping the documentation install for Visual Studio since by that point in time, you could look everything up on the internet.

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