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Windows 98 and NAS (network attached storage)


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On 2/12/2019 at 9:19 PM, Nomen said:

I'm thinking of getting a NAS box.  Anyone have any first-hand experience with file-access between a NAS and Win-98?  Does it work?  No problem with any NAS?  Or maybe just some?


I don't see why you wouldn't be able to expose a Samba share from your NAS that your Windows 98 computer could see.

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I have a Cisco Linksys 2 drive bay with latest firmware. No trouble with both the media server and direct IP access on WinME. I am using one 2TB drive. Capacity and free space indication when mapped as a drive are very close to what Win7 indicates. ME Capacity 1.79 TB; Free 2.58 GB; Win7 Capacity 1.81 TB; Free 2.65GB. (I have filled it right up ME is accurate). Used flash vs 9 for original firmware now uses flash 10 or better when using a browser and viewing the local IP address (media server).

It has been the most reliable piece of computing equipment I have purchased & was secondhand. When HDDs have not been exercised throughout the complete drive then this is when hard drive failure is likely to occur. It can be considered like a metal tape back in the day. Bias level needed to be adjusted and erasing did not completely occur if listening carefully. What I am trying to say that areas of unused sectors have differing biasing levels to well used sections and drive writing/erasing errors can then happen. The Linksys Sata interface has chugged through and saved a secondhand drive that had this affliction. The slow speed fan is still working without service. A green drive is recommended though as it can still get quite warm. Android OS, disk drive will be formatted when placed in the first time.

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