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NT4 on hp v2665us keeps freezing


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i am trying to test windows NT4 server sp1 out on a compaq presario v2665us laptop and i was able to install on a 3999 MB partition in NTFS format, however, not that i am inside the OS, it keeps freezing in a timed manner, and before doing so, the mouse cursor moves weird and jumps around in a certain way and then i have to keep restarting the computer in order to see if i can test anything, so far, i have only been able to install winrar. also, i noticed it freezing during the installation and starting beeping too, that was with 2 GB of ram, when i removed 1 GB, and then it seemed to help it not act funny / freeze. i also noticed the message for plug and play os in installation did not show up, at least, from what i looked at my archived files, it mentions that as being part of the install process. 

im gonna see if i can work with it again and see if i can manage to install the plug and play file "PNPISA.INF", maybe possibly copying it to the desktop first or something like that. also i was wondering maybe if the problems i have anything to do with using the earliest NT4 server version, sp1 that is, at least, that's what it says right now. i suppose using NT4 server sp3 would be better or more stable? but i can't seem to find it anywhere on the internet, the only ones i found so far were ones being sold on ebay for example. 

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30 minutes ago, roytam1 said:

does the machine work stable with other OS?

i did have similar problems with other systems i tested with the mouse cursor ( if installing NT4 on them ), but eventually i got them to function right, however, with this system, it just freezes non stop and prevents me progressing, so far i was able to get the plug and play file to install and automatic logon, however, once i try to go to wordpad to check some stuff out on my checklist file, it keeps freezing and i have to keep restarting and it goes back to the same problem, and it would freeze at different areas too. 

but i guess you asked a different question, i did try 98SE and 2K, the system did not work well with 98SE due to lack of support / proper support for the igpu or other related functions, with 2k, i think it ran fine for a certain point but i couldn't get the gpu to install, radeon mobility x200m. the default os for this particular laptop is windows xp, i never tested it on that, i'd assume it would work fine, but i have no reason to use windows xp, i specifically installed NT4 on this laptop so i can test stuff out for NT4, it's the only spare laptop i got right now to test with. 

i noticed a weird thing when i used the original configuration option, it worked "Better" and didn't freeze up as easily so i was able to install those two updates, however, picking that option again and testing it without it made no difference afterwards, it would still freeze up with minimal usage or opening things / clicking things with of course the mouse cursor and randomly opening the properties box in a cycle. 

i think that perhaps i didn't install the OS properly or it got corrupted during install, because i removed one piece of ram during installation ( not literally during ) but after it froze where i had to shut it down, i removed 1 GB from 2 GB, so i used 1 GB for the remaining installation. 

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4 hours ago, broken120x120 said:

I looked this up and saw that this laptop shipped with Widows XP SP2, correct? Do you know if NT4 is officially supported, and if not, what other versions are supported on it? 

like i mentioned previously, originally the laptop comes with windows xp, i am not sure on the exact service pack, but it is mainly for xp, i was never able to check hp's / compaq's site in the older days when they may have had it up on their actual site. i was hoping someone had the knowledge to fill in the other questions i asked. i simply wanted to install NT4 on the laptop so i can test some things specifically for NT4. 

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First thing would be to install Service Pack 6a, unless you are specifically using something from the NT 4 Server Option pack in which case you can probably get away with installing SP6a even if it does complain.



The Post-Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6a Security Rollup Package (SRP) is probably worth installing as well.



I do remember reading somewhere that the NT4 setup had issues with large amounts of memory but NT4 itself should be fine upto 4GB.

If you cannot find video drivers for NT4 you can use vbemp (these are not accelerated but should do the job)



Updated storage drivers uniATA can be found here which might help you (I didn't get it working correctly the last time I tried using it but it might work for you and would be better then the default drivers)


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