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Pishing & Spam - Strike Back!


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Hi (pls move this thread, if it belongs somewhere else…)

Do you get bored of all the pishingmails that endup in your email ?

Do you think, just deleting them, will help stop them ? No! ;)

So, but what can normal users do ? - Most of this mails wanna link you (with a cryptic link) to their site (DO NOT CLICK!)

As example, look at this pishing Mail, i got today:


When you hover the mouse over it, you can see, this cryptic link (my Mail Provider, adds his redirection automaticly…)

But what now ?

First: You Need a URL ENCODE/DECODE Service, i use: Meyerweb (https://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/dencoder)

If you copy your bad link with (rightmouseclick & Copy) and enter it at your encoderservice & press encode!

Now, you go to a url scanner site, i use https://www.virustotal.com and enter that link, in their url scanner (if the pishingsite is unknown for them (everything is green), click on the devil Smiley to mark it bad!

- Under Advanced Information, you can see the redirections, and where it links to… (you can use the ip, but i work with the link)

(Decode this link again, and you know, where this link was trying to redirect you!

- With this link, you search a WhoIsIP Service in your browser (sometimes you need to try more than one), and the who is IP Service, tells you, where this site is hosted!

In this case it is cloudflare…

Now you search the web, for the official hoster site, and write them (in this case, they have a abuse mail abuse+law@cloudflare.com), and send them your pishing mail...





(i maybe will work, at this post later (some spell correction), but for now, ist ok for me like this, i just wanna give others the Option to fight back a littlebit ;) - Feel free to comment, or share your tips, or

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