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Buying Windows 7


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Greetings, all.  Need to purchase some Windows 7 Pro x64 licenses, and was wondering what my best bet is.

Option 1: Buy a retail license.  There are still a few available here and there, but time is running out.  Plan on spending over 300 USD. [!]  This may be the best option, because then I can re-install it on a different machine if I want to.

Option 2: Buy an OEM copy from a legitimate retailer, such as Walmart [yes, they have it].  Plan on spending around 200 USD.  This seems pricey for an OEM license.

Option 3: Buy an OEM copy from one of the many Ebay or Amazon sellers that offer it.  Plan on spending anywhere from 5 USD [MUST be bogus] up to around 50-60 USD [MAY be bogus].  Other people's experience doing this varies widely.  Some people report getting a legit copy, others get counterfeit bunk.  Supposedly, a  lot of these are from people [illegally] selling off bulk license keys from an enterprise package, which will probably be flagged by MS at some point after you install it.

Buying a legit OEM disk will save around 100 bucks per license over retail, but if the smoke leaks out of the machine you install it on, you are SOL.  Many people claim in online forums that MS was willing to re-cert an OEM license after an mboard replacement, but I am not sure I can count on that.

What do you folks buy when building a Win 7 box?

Speaking from a secure undisclosed location.

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12 hours ago, Jody Thornton said:

I got two Windows 8 Pro licenses - the first for $60, and the second for $40.  I wonder if he still has any of them left.

You can get Windows 7 Pro loaded on refurbished decent machines easily enough.  :)

Not so easy. The store closest to me, MicroCenter, has only 1 refurb Win7 machine for $200. Anywhere else I would have to pay a huge amount of shipping.  Cheaper for me to buy a license and install it on my triple-core Vista machine.




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1200 dollars for some win 7 keys no thankyou.  Go on Ebay and try to find legit Licenses they are on there be careful.  Make sure you are getting a Ultimate edition key as all other versions are inferior.

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1 hour ago, Destro said:

Go on Ebay and try to find legit Licenses they are on there be careful. 

Yep, just be careful because if it sounds too good to be true, most likely it is. There's no way a reputable company would sell Windows 7 keys for $5-$10, not even this late in its life. Heck, even Windows Server products that are out of date run a pretty penny on eBay. I'd say even for Windows 7 Home Premium, a fair price would be about $39.99 for a key only.

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