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Imaging Windows 10 install possible?


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What do you mean, with: "image my windows" - A clone? A Backup? & how this could be help you? - With every big update, MS installs a complete new image; - and even the DVD install itself, is just copying an image to your hdd, and than config drivers and user account settings, nothing more.

- Since MS, rolls out whole images with their updates, - most people had stopped to personalize them. Cloning, backups, mirrors seems not to be the best way anymore...

Anyway, windows brings some tools inbuild, like backup, sysprep, dism - maybe you search for all the things you can do with dism (just dont try to remove/change the image, win10 get really easy broken, with a tiny mistake... (or doublebroken, cause every Build is full of errors and dysfunction...)


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There are a lot of disk imaging and cloning programs, I personally use Macrium Reflect Free. Even Windows 8 that I use have their own backup system, I suppose Windows 10 does the same too (I don't know for sure because I don't have them).

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