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SMB Share Windows Server 2019 and Windows XP

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I'm trying to make an SMB Share between Windows Server 2019 Datacenter and Windows XP.

Both computers are in the same network and in the same workgroup, they can ping each other, but XP cannot access the SMB Share created by Windows Server 2019 Datacenter.

They both see the Linux Raid, so I'm using it as "bridge" to move files between them, but it would be better to make XP connect to WS2019 directly.

I think that XP can't see the share 'cause WS2019 is using an SMB version that is too high for XP, so how can I intentionally lower it in WS2019?

Can I use different SMB version for different folders?

I don't wanna lower it for everything, 'cause it was an old version of SMB that made Wannacrypt spread across the network of many corporations.

Besides, the network administrator might give me a green light for lowering it for a single folder, but he would definitely give me a red light for lowering it for all the share.


Thank you in advance.

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