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Most modern board with pure PCI / PCIe Dos audio support.

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Posted (edited)

Because i dont find proper Dos section, im trying to ask here.

  When i started with my Windows 98 on modern HW project, i thought that if would sound work inside Windows 98, there would be automatically work sound in pure Dos - it was mistake.

  I found out, that is simply not true. I have few board with PCI slots, where even dos driver is properly started and looks like working, but in game setups is not possible to detect sound device - SB16, Adlib, General Midi, nothing.
 Same with PCIe->PCI i have tried multiple, if Windows 98x are working fine, in dos nothing.

 There is some secret sauce which is needed on MB side, some DMA magic or something like..

  I have tested with Creative cards (SB Live  / SB Audigy) and Cmedia cards - for them dos driver looks as very basic. Someone wrote that maybe Yamaha cards (like YMF744) could be better,
but such cards are not cheap or widely available. Maybe, maybe in future someone with write Dos driver for Realtek HD compatible cards.

 There is some research done on Vogons site, mainly with older chipsets:

  I dont understand too much, what magic shorcuts like - DDMA and TSR mean

I would like to know:
1) which most modern board has working PCI Dos sound - in my research, i know that at least Core 2 Duo board with Intel 865 chipset is working
2) That exactly MB feature is needed, if there is some dos utility to test it quickly without attaching sound card and installing its driver, or if someone could create such testing tool - i dont mind pay for it


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