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Looking for new explorer address bar

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I prefer the look of older versions of the Windows Explorer like the one in Win9x or XP.

Therefore I hide the top bar (which contains the back forward buttons, the address bar and the search bar)

Thanks to classic explorer I could add the toolbar buttons which were omitted in Windows Vista and later Windows versions.

However, there is one thing missing: the address bar.

Does anyone know about any alternative address bars which I could use as a replacement?

I know, there are several explorer addons like qt address bar (an address bar that mimics the Vista/Win7 breadcrumbs bar) but that one just doesn't look right and is kind of buggy in Windows 7.

Another way to add an address bar is Quero, an Internet Explorer addon which adds a search bar which can also be used as an address bar but again it's not exactly the right thing as it shows the corresponding CLSID numbers instead of the real names of special "folders" like control panel and the "computer" folder.

So I was wondering if there is any add on for explorer which simply adds a standard address bar.

I guess, probably not because there already is an address bar in explorer but that's the one I hid...

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