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No E-Mail Notifications?


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  • 5 months later...

Argh! It's happening again and has been that way for months - don't get email notifications. I do occasionally get one or two over last few months but it just seems utterly random. This is a really serious problem and very frustrating for usage of this forum. Okay so there are contortions that users can use as described above to maybe, possibly, perhaps, get a temporary fix for this. Problem, if the 'fix' works at all, is that it pretty quickly devolves to not working again.

So I really plead to the admins of the forum -- I think @xper is the person that attends to site problems - please, please, please, pretty please even, can the admins get this recurring issue fixed once and for all? This is an Achilles' heel for this forum and really does need fixed.

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  • 8 months later...

Interesting. As of approximately 2 days ago (your time of writing) I was receiving them. I haven't gotten a message on here since so I am unsure if i STILL would be getting emails, or not.

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I had two PMs today, and didn't get an e-mail notification about either of them, although they were flagged when I went to the board.
I am still getting notifications for new posts on threads I'm subscribed to though.
Looks like something is definitely broken somewhere..........

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