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How can one Disable Indexing

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Can someone help with the following.
In Windows 10 ( also in other versions ) Right Click your HDD and go to Properties.
Then Un Tick ( Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties ).
The next step you have to agree to.
Now this Takes some Time to go through and Remove the Indexing.
One might Ask Why I want to do this, well Trust me it has it's Advantages.
Anyway I am looking for a way to do this in the ISO.
So as that When the Installation of Windows is Complete that That Item Is Already Un ticked or Not Used.
That would Save a lot of Time after an Install.
I normally Use Nlite for Slipstreaming my ISO's to get them Up to Date..
I can't find anything in Nlite that would Disable Indexing.
I have tried Disabling Windows Search in Services, but that does not do it.
Any help would be appreciated ..

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Are you using Nlite with Windows 10? :dubbio:


Maybe you are using NTlite :unsure:


AFAICR there is a provision to remove the indexing service, I seem to remember some changes were made to have it split from Search, but that won't affect you.

In any case, provided you are actually using NTlite, there is a specific support forum here:


P.S.: I had this deja-vu feeling ... :


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