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DISM needed (x64)


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The DISM in the ADK is slightly different than the one that comes with the OS. I have never tried to use the ADK DISM in-place of the OS one, but I know the ADK DISM supports additional switches.

DISM has dependencies, When I run multiple DISM versions, I put it into a folder. To save my time to determine what files are needed, I use the entire folder that contains DISM. For example: c:\program files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Deployment Tools\amd64\DISM

and then take that DISM folder and call it something to know what it is, such as DISM10, and then you can put that folder anywhere. BUT be very careful about using DISM this way because you can screw things up! Using a DISM version like this means you need to fully qualify your paths to it and you don't want to run a different DISM by accident.

For example, if you mount an image using the Win10 DISM and then unmount with the OS DISM, you will then have yourself a corrupted mount point and a memory leak. The incorrect DISM used will continuously allocate memory until there is none left, which should crash your computer. So I recommend if you are going to use multiple DISMs on one system that you build .cmds to handle them so you don't mistype and run the wrong one.

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I wish I had known about it ahead of time. I "found" this bug while on a production server. :(

Also to note, running multiple DISM like this isn't supported. As even the ADK will not allow you to install it onto a computer that has a previous version installed. Say if you have ADK for 8.1 installed, you have to remove it before you can install ADK10. The only instance where this isn't the case is if you have the WAIK for Windows 7 installed, as the ADK installer does not check for that being installed. It doesn't check for Vista or 7 OPKs, or Embedded Kits either.

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