New build of Firefox 45ESR SSE: test binary: repo: Changes since my last build:
- update NSS to git rev e76a339d424a5fad9bc42a7e91154a4dd89b83f3 with nss339-vc2013.diff applied (2ebe1a28d)
- update nss to git rev 4aea92b574d2d674ee75838d46ea95b113e8fecb with nss339-vc2013.diff applied (2c1850be4)
- import changes from tenfourfox:
 - #540: M1510114 M1502871 M1494364 M1485864 (2dba79e82) (M1485864 not applied due to patchede source in nss git)
 - #540: update certs, pins, TLDs (715c9087d) (7edbd8bf5)
- hack: treat `const` in `for(const x in y)` as `let`. idea from (f0dd40394)