New Build! 32bit
32bit noSSE 64bit Official repo changes since my last build:
- Change unspecced behavior of button contents. (8273b5cb7)
- Round subpixel border widths to nearest integer instead of nearest-below integer. (7d810df6d)
- Add an option to control automatic filling in of login credentials and switch this off by default. (ce1aca868)
- Rename Options/Settings to Preferences and unify location. (3ae86b6e0)
- Name option to restart in Safe Mode accordingly. (e60ca5e2b)
- Add a missed override string -> Preferences. (07a2d82d3)
- Fix appmenu for Linux after #1561 (b9f82d25a)
- Reinstate JS_FOR_EACH_WELL_KNOWN_SYMBOL (006a3dae6)
- ES6 Symbol.unscopables (34b4eb628)
- Fix missed string on about:support for "restart in Safe Mode" (ed557e027)
- Add Symbol.species (85bbd3555)
- Implement Map[@@species] and Set[@@species] getter (c34d2ef9c)
- Merge pull request #1566 from janekptacijarabaci/js_Symbol.species_1 (3fbc8b940)
- Change resolution of to 50us. (9ac47db85)
- [MSE] Do not attempt to retrieve the buffered range if the mediasource is in closed state. (a293a8fc6)
- [MSE] Disable tail dispatching on the MediaSourceDemuxer's TaskQueue (5f844308f)
- [MSE] When abort() is called, wait until the current appendBuffer completes (6a51b3f47)
- [MSE] Remove now unused code (ec196f247)
- [MSE] Remove some undesired Mozilla diagnostic code (5af332210)
- Fix build bustage (14e7b0446)
- Merge pull request #1569 from trav90/media-work (98a6df244)
- Add dailymotion UA override (965e6725b)
- Merge branch 'master' of (d74da289f)
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