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XP on Ryzen?


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did anybody here try XP (32bit or 64bit) on the Ryzen/AM4 platform?

What was the result?

Which HW did you try?

P.S.: I found only two threads that mentioned XP on Ryzen at all. If, for some reason, i failed at searching on MSFN, and missed YOUR thread, just throw in a link to that thread here. Thank you!

P.P.S.: I don't own a Ryzen yet, i'm still evaluating if i invest that money. If i did already, i'd not post questions, but results... :rolleyes:

P.P.P.S.: If you did NOT try, please help keeping this thread compact, by opening a new thread for rants on why not, or why to use a VM, or whatever. This thread is meant for people trying on hardware. Thanks for your cooperation... :wub:

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