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uTorrent not downloading through proxy


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Used uTorrent for many years, with free proxies from HideMyAss or other sources.  (I always check the free proxy IPs first to be sure they show as proxies and will connect on to https websites.)  uTorrent was always a bit slow to start a download but would get up to speed once a download finally started.  (uTorrent will speed up when "Peer Exchange" finally shows many seeds.)  All downloads and uploads are always encrypted (the E flag always shows in the Peers list).

Well, not this weekend.  Have the torrents and good tracker lists with many trackers "working" for each torrent and showing many seeds.  But it just won't start downloading - even through four different proxies that otherwise test good.  (And "Peer Exchange" stays at zero.)

What to do?  If my favorite forum MSFN isn't the right place to ask, please suggest a good forum.


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Before anything else, one should always try the "Strategy of the Ostrich": do nothing, wait 24h, then try again.
In case it gets working again, forget about it. If not, then let's troubleshoot it. Of course, this is just my 2¢. :)

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den - Nice selfie!

As it turned out, the problem may have been that I had ceased using Socks5 proxies and had been pushed to HTTP proxies.  Originally, HideMyAss had Socks5 proxies on its free list, but then stopped and showed only HTTP proxies, which I then used, and now not even any free proxies at all.

Late yesterday, I found a new source of free proxies for Socks5, and as soon as I tested one of them and inserted it into uTorrent, the downloads started fast.

Try  https://www.socks-proxy.net/# 

But thanks for new yoga position.

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