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good looking white / beige colored laptops


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i wasn't sure where to post this, i thought of posting it in the general forum but i guess i couldn't do that if it was technical in any nature so i thought of posting it here since i also plan on using windows 7. so anyways, i was just wondering if anyone knows any good looking laptops with decent performance for what im looking for. im mainly looking for a white or beige colored laptop ( not a fan of the high contrast black and white scheme ), and need the performance to be at least of intel 45nm processors or amd 45nm processors. im mainly looking to play world of warcraft on it on lowish medium settings smoothly. monitor size can be as low as 14 inches, although i prefer 15 - 16 inches, but not 17 inches. i would need an optical drive as well. you can throw in 13 inch laptops in there too if they have optical drives. 

i have found many used sony laptops on ebay but most of them are either in rough condition, not worth the price ( you can find black or other color laptops for a lot cheaper with the same specs or better ), or just dont really look nice. the only laptop i had found that really stood out in looks was the asus f8p limited white leather edition, although the performance is still a little low and i have yet to find any to buy at all to compare with other laptops in price / appearance. i am not sure on price range, im already on a pretty low budget and being that you can get new low end laptops for like 300 dollars or so, i wouldn't want to spend more than like half of that. other than that, the newer laptops in my opinion look uglier, and of course carry the extra cost to them as well.

i dont 100 percent have to get a white or beige colored laptop, if there is a black colored version or similar model, i might be ok with it if the price is good, so you can suggest or give some alternatives, although i have searched many laptops, there may be something i haven't came across currently in price or in general. 

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