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Windows Update Will Not Work If Your Processor is NOT Supported

Jody Thornton

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It's an artificial black list. Ironically, I never seen anything like this before, even with XP. And this is long before 7 goes EOL!

It's easy to get around, this processor ban just sends the message to folks to disable Windows Update and there could be a lot of worms again...

I guess it's going to be the hard way again, with some folks disabling the BITS service...

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I'm beginning to hate Microsoft.

They keep breaking things needlessly, and adding useless features that do nothing but spy on users. And this CPU-block, in particular, is absolutely arbitrary and completely unnecessary.

It's just an attempt to force people to abandon it via FUD.

There is no technical reason why MS can't provide updates to those systems. They're just desperate for people to "upgrade" to Windows 10.

One more reason to use XP, I guess. It's seemingly unaffected by this nonsense, fortunately, so it should be good until 2019. It has it's own issues, but at least this isn't one of them.


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