64Gb Ram XP Patch here > https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8TGI9QQCUYdVzdiLXdBVW1rWjg . Found it on the internet,and unfortunatelly I lost the adress,but I've save it on my drive. Disclaimer > I won't be held responsible for anyone bricking their OS by trying this. By downloading this patch,using it,and potentially destroying your XP because you didnt back up your boot.ini, you agree that is solely your responsability. Always do backups . Have an XP image at ready, backup your boot.ini in a text file,and be sure all your important data is safe. That being said, if one follows those steps carefully (btw,I chose second method-you only change the last line in the boot.ini), nothing can truly go wrong,and in the end, you're gonna have a nice SP3 running on 8,12,or 16 Gb RAM,according to your memory installed . I'm using it for a week everyday with no issues.  And again, I think you guys are well versed in Windows,so it should be fine .