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how to integrate unofficial xp sp4


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I would like to report on the unofficial xp sp4.
First I had integrated the above things into the sp3 iso with nlite.
After that, I removed something of it, and set it up without error.

1) No driver integrated

2)It is displayed in "xp sp3 version 2014" and "My computer property"

3) Though I looked into the "Add/Remove programs", I couldn't find
the ".net 3.5" and the like which I had expected to be included.

Is this sp4 for the currently running xp systems?

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On 12/4/2016 at 8:14 AM, 5Kara said:

〇 2) It is displayed as "xp sp3 version 2014" on "My computer property".

It was done to keep up the compability.

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U integrate sp4 using Ryanvm integrator,not nLite,use nLite later for removing and customizing but ryan integrator is for their stuff.

I integrated using ryan,removed components using nLite and all work fine,showing sp4

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