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WPA2 Works In Windows 2000

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I recently downloaded the Atheros Client Utility, version, and it supports WPA2 on Windows 2000! (tested on my iPhone's Personal Hotspot, which is WPA2 only).

It seems to only support Atheros WiFi cards, though. The good news is that the card I got uses the AR9285, which is fully compatible with 2000, and other cards that use this chipset are cheap and plentiful ($18 USD get's you a lot of five on eBay). The fact that it's also Wireless a/b/g/n is good too, as it's relatively modern (no wireless ac, but for most purposes, wireless n is still good enough I think, especially given that only the fastest internet links can even come close to saturating an ac link).

So, for any PC laptop that uses Mini-PCIe for its internal Wifi card, this is a good upgrade that doesn't hurt one's ability to run 2000.


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