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A few doubts on network components

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Hi all!

I've a few doubts regarding the usefulness of some components of network section.
In particular, I'm referring to H323MSP: is this component commonly used yet? Can I safely remove it?
Second, TAPI Application Support is marked red but if I don't need IP Conferencing, is it safe to remove or will it raise some issues?
Third, is Vector Graphics Rendering used in Web pages yet? Can it be safely removed?
Fourth, the real usefulness of Web Folders (namely WebDAV support)?

Here is the list of the nLite network section components:

Active Directory Services
Client for Netware Networks
Communication Tools
Control Test Terminal Program
Connection Manager

Dial-up and VPN Support
FrontPage Extensions
H323 MSP
Internet Connection Wizard
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer Core
Internet Information Services
IP Conferencing

MAC Bridge
Map Network Drives/Network Places Wizard
MSMail and MAPI
MSN Explorer

NetShell Cmd-Tool
Network Diagnostic
Network Monitor Driver and Tools
Network Setup Wizard
NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Protocol

Outlook Express
Share Creation Wizard
Synchronization Manager

TAPI Application Support
TCP/IP Version 6
Vector Graphics Rendering
Web Folders
Windows Messenger

This is the list what I would like to take out: Client for Netware Networks, Communication tools, FrontPage Extensions, H323 MSP, Internet Information Services (IIS), IP Conferencing, MSN Explorer, Netmeeting, NetShell Cmd-Tool, NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Protocol, Outlook Express, TAPI Application Support, Vector Graphics Rendering (VML), Web Folders, Windows Messenger.
Would you suggest some changes on my list? Something to add because of its irreversible uselessness or something to remove because of its usefulness that I didn't see.
Thanks for your precious tips!

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As far as I know, H323MSP is kind of a codec for audio/video conferencing, it is not used outside of the (old) video conferencing programs (like a normal codec).

TAPI application support is mostly used for modems (dial-up, maybe others), for applications to control them, like sending fax etc. I have removed it and still was able to do that (most applications use their own drivers).

Vector Graphics is used inside Internet Explorer, I don't know if SVG is widely used today still, and I don't use IE at all. :D I think it's only the file C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VGX\vgx.dll

I see some people use WebDAV, but for me, it is not useful and I always remove it.

Edit: I would keep IE Core, or even IE too, because many programs rely on it internally. I have removed them in the past and regretted. I don't remember whether is possible to install IE8 with them removed - to install it for the same reasons - to have some system dlls updated.

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