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Windows 10 Regressions


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afaik what drains battery the most is WiFi and/or 3G/4G crap and brightness of screen

and to add salt to the wound, if glossy colorfull icons drain so much
then why the f*** are they making 3D games for phones hahaha
well apps too...

its just hilarious excuse to push metro crap style

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IMO the "flat, lifeless" desktop stuff is all about needing to thoroughly flush the pipeline with something that, well, sucks so bad that they can then begin to improve it, doing basically the same things they did before.  ANYTHING will improve it.

Think of Windows Metro/Modern/Universal as just Windows 1.0 again and it all makes more sense.

It's kind of a "set up to assure Microsoft another 30 years of success" kind of thing.  In 2046, when computers are another 1000 times more powerful than they are now, Apps might even run well.

Think about it; hardly anyone besides we geeks here ever thinks about how horribly inefficient and poorly structured the software today is any more.  Yet it's certainly no more efficient than what was so painfully obvious "back in the day" when computers were so slow as to struggle even to composite graphics on the desktop.

And you might notice that Microsoft even is trying to slow progress toward achieving that "1000 times more powerful" goal.  It doesn't do them any good to have the tech change so fast that they can't rest on their laurels and rake in the subscription fees at all.


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Windows XP is my main Os , it do its best as it is lightweight and very very fast. It can all my x86 work also run my dx9 games at best speed.

My secondary os is windows 8.1 Enterprise x64 that's run my all x64 apps .It heavily tweaked and windows blinds is there to give vista look.

I am using creative suite cs6 and some cc , coral draw , visual studio 2005/2008/2010, ms office 2003/2010, and many other apps which support xp till now and i am proudly saying i am xp user .

Come on man if your windows 10/7/8.1 can beat my xp on modern hardware then i will believe.

Windows XP Forever. The legend of Windows platform.

 Features i wish to get back

*Windows gagets

*Classic apps

*old start button (they should understand it is my desktop not phone)

*Old Apis for proper support

*Proper system debugger

*Classic memory manager(windows 10 give more addressing capability to its own process not your essential apps)

*low resource usage like in windows xp/2003.

*removal of hell icons.(vista/7 icons are best still in ms history)

* last of all i wish to get rid all dark black theme. (MS people thinking they are people of dark world so there os should be os in dark)

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Noel but problem is that even other players jumped to this crap

I tend to look at android 2.3 that has to me beautiful gloss "3D" interface
and anything above is more flat and more ugly

Apple, same thing, even on desktop, Snow Leopard seems to be last some normal look
iPhone ... think it was nicer before than now

even web sites started massively with crap flat design for no reason

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vinifera: I agree wholeheartedly! I'm sick to death of flat and boring. This whole anti-skeumorpism movement has gone too far.

iOS 6 was the last Apple iPhone OS to have the nice, 3D, skeumorphic look. iOS 7+ is okay, but I prefer the old look.

Likewise with Snow Leopard, though Mavericks is okay too (Yosemite is when it starts to get ugly).

And the Windows Classic theme is superbly usable and looks clean and crisp. One of my gripes regarding Windows 8 is that the classic theme can no longer be enabled. It's still buried in there, but it's half broken now, and the methods I know of are incomplete and glitchy at best, which only adds insult to injury.

Oh, well. It still beats Windows 10 any day!


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Regarding icons. There seems one change in 1607 where Windows is using a different icon index to use to display when on the desktop. It is using one of the smaller sized icons. If you ever made a program or used a resource editor, applications have a few different sized icons in there. So now on 1607, my icon is pixelated, but in 1511 and previous it was fine. It doesn't bother me so much because my program is for internal use aka it doesn't have to be pretty. But I have already received reports of the icon looking wrong on the new OS.

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That's fashion for you.

I'm betting there are regular meetings at Microsoft where they discuss "what can we do to make using the legacy desktop a little bit less pleasant to use".

Once they get past all the awful stick-in-the-mud users who remember how good it was in the past, they can continue without complaint on their mission to improve the Metro/Modern/Universal/Apps environment.  Because everyone knows that's the way to monetize Windows for the future.

Building a better mousetrap to get people to want the product is SO last century.  Now it's about "rope 'em in and hold onto 'em".

I don't know about you, but the weight I felt lifted off my shoulders when I decided to stop trying to keep up with every pre-release and Windows Update they put out was not insignificant!  I now have a lot more time to think about other things - like improving my own products.


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Another change I found in 1607. SmartScreen now takes over the place of the old security dialog when trying to open programs, it will complain that it cannot access the internet (if it cannot access the internet) to verify an application that you try to install. I tried with an MSI file. You can still just run it anyways.

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Folks concerned with privacy might want to think about disabling SmartScreen.  Just sayin'.

The fundamental assumption that ignorant people will just run anything and everything, and that the operating system needs to throw up roadblocks is a ridiculous place we find ourselves at.  It's like having a hammer that refuses to hit certain things.  Sure, you might want to avoid hitting your thumb, but maybe a better way to go about that is to learn to start the nail with a small tap, and not to aim the hammer at your thumb - not try to circumvent the strike once the hammer is in mid swing.

Allowing ignorant people to make mistakes and learn from them is the way to educate them.

Where does this go?  Will there be people who will consider a lawsuit against Microsoft for allowing them to run something they shouldn't have tried to run in the first place, and which destroyed their data?

Guard rails don't belong in operating systems.


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  • 11 months later...

I was going to create a new thread, but given this is about regressions, may we talk about more recent ones?


The above is a moment, not a single tweet.


I've been an Insider since 2015 and it seems that my feedback has been hitting a wall.

Can you relate? I eagerly await your replies.







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Just noticed a regression today.

I was trying to gather network usage from my machines, One Win8.1, two Win10.

On Win8, the sidebar can display estimated usage for each network. I have a few wifi networks, so I can see easily data used by each.

With Win10, the usage monitoring is accessed through settings/data usage for a global wifi or ethernet figure. Less detail. But you can see which apps are using it.. but obviously the usual brower is the main culprit.

The option can be re enabled with a reg hack, after taking ownership- by changed the dword to 2.


'ReplaceVan' (0) to '2'

The the right click menu option appears on each available network.

Less is more hey microsoft.  Could have just left the feature behind the right click- but you had to hide it further.




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"For example, I absolutely DON'T want "Desktop" showing up under "This PC" in Explorer, yet back it comes after a Windows Update."

Never happened to me with windows 10 updates.



Taskbar's XAML parts

They are laggy. ***** xaml.


stupid RAM compression

No issues with this, system uses 1 mb of ram. Bug isnt present in my build.


Windows 10 (15063.540)

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On ‎9‎/‎13‎/‎2017 at 12:29 PM, netbookdelgob said:

>>stupid RAM compression

No issues with this, system uses 1 mb of ram. Bug isnt present in my build.

Turns out that's tied to the SuperFetch service, which is supposed to self-disable (and often even does) on SSD-equipped systems.

New regression I've discovered:  The latest cumulative Windows Update won't install on my test VM.  It gets to 98% then reports:


I cannot find a reason listed in any log file, at least not one readable by someone who can get pretty geeky as needed.


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On Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at 2:37 AM, NoelC said:

New regression I've discovered:  The latest cumulative Windows Update won't install on my test VM.  It gets to 98% then reports:

Try resetting all services to default, then it will maybe work. Partially related to this: Do You know what scheduled tasks and services are necessary to be able to disable and enable features (same Undoing changes error)?

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