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August 2016 security updates

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OK, so what are these updates ... are these updates for only people with the POSReady 2009 updates or are these regular XP updates just released by MS?

The description says: Supported Operating System / Windows XP Service Pack 3

I can't imagine MS is releasing any "regular" XP updates in 2016.

I posted sometime back ... a few months ... that my MS Update check no longer works. It never finishes ... the last time it did work correctly was in March ... then sometime after March ... everything changed. I hadn't run any update checks till June, that's when I discovered that something had changed.

I was only getting MS Office 2007 updates for my MS Office 2000 program. I may be the only one affected ... no one has posted here about that problem with a non POSReady machine ... I have checked Google several times in July and no one is asking or posting about any problems with the MS Updates check no longer working.

So I am wondering if these two updates are for POSReady 2009 machines only or have these two updates been released for all XP SP3 machines?

I am curious what might have caused my regular MS update check to suddenly not work anymore. I have installed nothing from MS ... except those monthly Office 2007 updates ... and Dec 2015 was the last time for them ... I did run update checks in Jan, Feb and Mar and then waited till late Jun to run the update check again.


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5eraph pointed out elsewhere that Microsoft released those in 2013 and 2014, as represented by the first two digits of their corresponding security bulletin ID numbers:

KB2876331 - MS13-089
KB2916036 - MS14-005

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