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Looking for Travel Sizex Full ATX PC Case


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Well I've gone and done something crazy...

I put a 2K - 4K gaming grade PC I built over the last 4 years... into a small ATX case from an ancient HP 8756C...

This is the result:


Surprisingly all the parts to my gaming rig PC fit snugly into the case (Except the GTX 1070) and runs just fine.

Now I'm already on my trip when I posted this, but there's 2 problems I have with this case.

1. The CPU cooler, PSU Casing, and GPU Cooler Shrowd all physically touch each other.

2. The case has poor ventilation as the case was originally designed for a Pentium 3 era PC.

Naturally, with problems like these I don't plan to keep using this case in the future so I was wondering one of two things.

1. Are there any other cases of a similar size (maybe 1 inch in width bigger at most) to this one. It must fit within 10 x 16 x 16 inches max size as I will be transporting this by plane (10 x 16 x 24 MAX) in a suitcase. It MUST fit the ASUS GTX 1070 STRIX OC (11.73 " x 5.28 " x 1.57 " Inch)  in the first 4 expansion slot areas with LITTLE to NO case modifications. I'd also prefer if a Full ATX PSU could fit as well, but I can settle for a SFX sized one.

2. If there isn't a case like suggestion 1 then can anyone suggest a PSU that's similar to my Corsair RM650i that's mATX or SFX sized. I can make this case work if I can fit my GTX 1070 under the PSU as the RM650i is too tall for it's large cooler to fit under.

3. Can someone suggest any tools that I could use to modify the metal casting for the case. I could cut some of the length off the edges of the cd/hdd cage to make the cpu cooler and the back of the GTX 1070 fit better.


I know I could build a new PC that would easily fit much better within my suitcase, but as I JUST bought the final part for this pc (The GTX 1070) I'm clearly not interested at spending another $600 to do so at this time.

I'll make detailed measurements of the outside and internal space in the current case if you want me to.

Here's the specs of the PC inside for those who are wondering.

CPU: i7-4790 (non "K") @3.6GHz (stock speed)

CPU Cooler:

New GPU: Asus Geforce GTX 1070 STRIX OC (at stock speed).

"Current" GPU: Sapphire HD Radeon 7970 OC (at stock speed).

RAM: PNY Anarchy 16GB x2 (32GB) at 2133MHz

HDD: 120GB SSD and 3TB HDD

(Note: I forgot the name of the CPU cooler, but somehow it's shorter than the 1070's cooler so it's not to important to list.)

Thanks for your help,

Jason M.

Edited by jm764
fixed max case size, and added 3rd option.
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