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New Feature Subscription Expired?


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Hi nuhi,

I got the pop window asking for new code when I run beta version (

Is there any licencing change?  Looks like in order to use beta version, different activation code is required?


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Hi Tseng,

as it was always stated on the Shop page (below the list), and discussed on this forum when the tool was being launched, the license has in it a year of new features since the first activation.
The point was to allow premium fixes and upgrades to continue, not doing the subscription-only updates. The difference in this model is that you can keep on using the latest versions always.
The renewal price is 50% of the license price for another year.

I did extend that initial year somewhat, mainly due to the fact it was just a beta for some time, so that initial users are rewarded longer.
So starting with v1.2, the date, which is set to minimum before v1.2 release, in July 2016 (tool was released September 2014), the new premium features take into account if the subscription is expired or not.
All the features that were claimed during your year (+ the initial boost), will always be unlocked, fixed and upgraded for free. As long as the tool supports that Windows version for which feature was made.
You can see this better explained on the Shop page.

The whole point of course is that I can continue working on this full-time, it's a niche market and regardless there is tons of work on it constantly with new Windows updates.

Let me know if you have comments or questions, thanks.


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Hi nuhi,

Thanks for the clarification.

I actually have purchased 2 licenses (Home).

And I will gladly be a paid renew customer to support this project.

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