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Intel Q43/Q45 on 98/ME

The Goose

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You find the chipset driver here. The bearwindows 9x driver (vbemp) for graphics could work with the integrated GMA X4500 without any kind of 3D support. The driver is tested with INTERNAL Intel G43 Graphics (GMA X4500). Another possible driver is the SCITech snap graphics driver, but probably it is untestet. The better choice is a PCIE NV 6xxx or NV7xxx or PCIE ATI up to Radeon X8xx graphics card. Don't use graphics cards with more than 256MB. Some BIOS's permit ATA/IDE configuration settings like legacy or compatible mode to run the hard disk with DMA mode (fast). If this mode doesn't exist or work, you have to purchase the R. Loew's SATA driver. Otherwise the HDD runs with very slow "DOS compatibility mode". A driver for onboard sound isn't available. Be aware there is no guarantee that 9x/ME runs on a Q43/Q45 system as desired!

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