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On 4/7/2020 at 10:18 AM, reboot12 said:

I noticed that now 720p quality is no longer marked as HD

HD inflation!

Officially, 720 lines is "HD," 1080 lines is "FHD" ("Full" HD), 1440 lines is "QHD" ("Quad" HD), and 2160 lines is "UHD" ("Ultra" HD). The latter is often referred to as "4K" due to 3840 pixels/line. (True 4K is 4096 pixels/line, but I guess the marketers decided it's OK to "round up" a bit :rolleyes:).

But with everyone wanting (or at least thinking that they want) UHD resolution, and some even clamoring for 8K :o, I guess Google decided calling 720p "HD," with only 1/9th the number of pixels of UHD, just didn't seem right.

It's like soft drink sizes at American fast food restaurants. I'm of an age where a "small" drink was 12 oz. (355 ml), a "medium" was 16 oz., and a "large" was 20 oz. But it wasn't long before the 12 oz. became "child size," 16 became "small," 20 became "medium," and a new 32 oz. "large" size was introduced. And some have even moved on to 16 oz. being "value size," 20 oz. being "small," etc.!

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Maybe it's "local jargon", but we always referred to 720 as "dvd quality", not as "HD".

Oh, don't get me started on drink sizes!

I always ask for a "tiny" and when the cashier says "We only have large, medium, and small".

I reply, "Not true, you have large, gigantic, and mega-sized.  Can I have a kid's size?"

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DVD quality (at least in the US but probably most places) is 720x480p. I've sometimes heard that referred to as "ED" ("Enhanced" Definition) as opposed to 704x480i, or SD (Standard Definition).

720p (actually 1280x720) is noticeably sharper, but it is pretty much the lower bound of what folks would consider HD.

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