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Palemoon v26.2 no longer has glass titlebars

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And possibly since v26.0.0.0, I recall it happened a few weeks back and expected a fix to roll out somehow/somewhere. but not yet. Can't find anything.

Given the popularity of the browser, I'm surprised it hasn't mentioned yet. Workarounds have been mentioned for Opera and Firefox.

I'll be told to use a different browser probably. This white theme is painful on the eyes.

Chalk up another loss in choice.

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I have Palemon 26.2.1, and i have transparent title bars. Maybe it's a problem on your end? Also, you forgot to tell which build of 10 are you using.


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Install the extension Stylish, then create a new style. Paste this in:

#main-window[windowtype="navigator:browser"] {
background-color: transparent !important;

Bam. Done.

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I'll try that, thanks.

@Klamatiel Aeroglass is working fine for other title bars, but I watched it go white after Palemoon updated. Explorer, Firefox and other broswers are fine.


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