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NEW! Ubuntu on Windows 10

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It also seems unlikely that Ubuntu will be bringing its Unity interface with it. Instead the focus will be on Bash and other CLI tools, such as make, gawk and grep.

Well... Only Command Line Interface tools. We have SecureCRT SSH for that.

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Smart move from MS, imho. Imagine, both Windows and Linux on one machine at the same time.
Even  Linux users now have reason to install Windows :-)

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Are there geeks amongst us who haven't had the power of Unix-like tools on Windows up to now?

Cough *gnuwin32 toolkit* cough.


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I think it is a sad day if the Linux community are going to collaborate with Microsoft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is bad enough that Microfoft produce crap....what is their intention now?!!! What could the Linux community possibly gain by this venture?!!!!!!

The sad thing is some will actually think this is a good thing....?!!!!!!!!!

Thank god Canonical doesn't speak for the whole Linux community

Can't believe that Mark Shuttleworth would want to get in to bed with the Microsoft cretins...


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I can see it being both good and bad, but trying to focus on the positives for now :-) . @NoelC what about cygwin? read about it a while back some how allowing Linux software to run in some shape or form on Windows.

edit: I did a quick google search and found it provides simular functionality using GNU and Open source tools Link: cygwin

Edited by helpdesk98
did some research invalidated what I said.
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well, to be fair, besides Cygwin and a number of Windows NT "ports" of *nix tools through either Cygwin or MinGW/MSys, there has been (since the dawn of time or nearly so) the SFU/SUA/Interix:



More info:

UNofficial FAQ's (through Wayback Machine):


And original download page:


Unless there is something really *new* in the way the new thingy works (which I hope) the good MS guys are simply re-addding what they removed in 8/8.1 and later.


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So does this add compatibility that wasn't there before?

And is there a latent load of Linux applications that PC users are dying to make use of?  Maybe this is growing up into a way to run Android stuff?


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The real good new is that it should be a native port of bash not an emulated version of bash like cygwin.

As i used both cygwin or (unixtools) to script on windows servers, i can tell that it could improve a lot scripting on windows. Anyway as it is MS they may still render it useless just like they did with powershell.

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