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Firefox drops "ask me every time" and DOESN'T TELL ANYONE


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Mozilla has just eliminated a crucial security component of the Firefox web browser.  The cookie control setting “Ask me every time” is now gone.  It was deleted from FF 44.

In addition, Mozilla DIDN’T TELL ANYONE and automatically changed the related Firefox option setting to “Accept [cookies] … Always”, for everyone.  And that's ALL cookies, not just third-party cookies.

This feature was the #1 reason why I and so many moved to Firefox in the first place – instant fine-tuned easy-to-use control over cookies before they stick.  There is no substitute.

Because Mozilla didn’t announce this, and because there is no visible sign of the disappearance of this important feature, most users don’t know that they are now allowing cookies that stick.

There are two very good threads about this:




To all the experts here at MSFN -- I hope you know what I’m describing.  I’m NOT a tech.  I’m only a real estate lawyer.  But this was truly an essential feature of Firefox.  Without it, Firefox is no more secure than Chrome or anything else.  Probably less.

Why is Mozilla going backwards?  What’s its motive?

Because MSFN is an unusually knowledgeable group, and because this tourist would like to see Mozilla change its mind, I urge all MSFN participants to re-post and re-send this where it will do the most good.

Can someone here start a movement?


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A movement has already been started by those who are opting out of the new-age of software and IoT thingies. Soon we will all return to writing each other letters again if this keeps up.

BUT that is not a setting I have used before I don't think. There was some new thing on my Firefox at work when I opened it this week. Something about asking for your name and phone number! but also something that shows a symbol up in the "secure color" part of the URL that pertained to enabling tracking for every site even if you aren't on there. Perhaps that is related to the removal of the setting.

I would probably prefer not to update Firefox, but gone are the days when it would prompt you for update. Now it does it on its own apparently.

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Trip - thanks for sympathy.

But I hope this thread catches the eyes of those who (like me) definitely used "ask me every time" and consider it to be an essential first step in browser security and privacy. 

Even IE still has its own version of "ask me every time".

I urge those surprised by Mozilla's lack of consideration to complain to them, and to re-post this info elsewhere, and to suggest where I should re-post to catch Mozilla's attention.

Why isn't Mozilla focused on keeping FF the most private and secure browser?  What exactly does it think it's doing?

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The explanation in the second link is ridiculous. "Because bad websites were persistant, coders gave up".

That's what computers and computer programs are for, to automate repetitive tasks. If a website repetitively attacks you, you repetitively fight back, you don't surrender.

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On 24/02/2016 at 0:46 AM, Tripredacus said:

I would probably prefer not to update Firefox, but gone are the days when it would prompt you for update. Now it does it on its own apparently.

Yes and no. It does so by default, but you can go to Options -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Update and set it to "Never check for updates", and then it'll present you the button to check for updates in the Help -> About, but won't check for 'em unless you actually press that button (then again, if you do so, and it then finds an update, I'll go on to download and install it without asking you anything further).

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Just FYI that I've spread the word about this to some tech reporters. 

But all finding this thread or my two links at top should do what they can to push Mozilla to bring back this essential protection.

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