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Best freeware software


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PowerISO - Daemon Tools Lite 10 (The trial versions just puts some ads, but you can use it forever.)  -  Supports Windows XP

PhotoShop - Paint.NET  -  Supports Windows XP with KernelEx

Nero - MagicISO  -  Supports Windows XP

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thanks all.

I think following will be great

ExLex office
KliteCodecPack Mega(include MPHC)

Ms calc plus

Iobit Uninstaller

Sumatra PDF


Resource Hacker 4.2.5

Universal Extractor 1.6.1


Mozilla Firefox




Glarry utilities

DoPDF(old version , doesnot require any dot.net)


Iobit game booster

Daemon tool lite

Ausalogic disc defrag free

:yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

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Better a good security setup:

MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit free


PsExec (To run Firefox as with limited-user privileges)


+ Firefox + UBlock Origin + Noscript + HTTPS Everywhere


MalwareBytes AntiRamsoware (beta) Not support Windows XP


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A couple areas aren't covered by your list.

IrfanView or FastStone Viewer for image management, viewing and simple conversion.

Foobar2000, or Winamp + Mp3Tag for audio playback and conversion.

Exact Audo Copy, FileZilla (older versions).

Serif PagePlus Starter, half baked replacement for InDesign.

Older versions of the Sysinternals utilities, or Process Hacker + Currports.

Many things from NirSoft might occasionally be useful.

You could just use Photoshop CS2 (and the rest of the suite) for free. It's faster, more capable and compatible with older plaforms.

uTorrent 2.x is much better, with same capabilities, but without ads and cloud/social/mobile BS.

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