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Unattended Install - best method? vLite, nLite, NTLite, 7Customizer, B

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First post here - looking for some direction. I have used the search function but I am looking for a clear, definitive answer.


There are so many options available now for unattended and slipstream installs. I had a couple of questions:


1. Can somebody please explain the difference between them all - perhaps give them a ranking?


2. I need a solution that will allow me to:


a. Remove unwanted components to shrink the size of Win7 install (small drives in use)

b. Include the drivers for latest device (memory, graphics, wifi) and auto install them

c. Include software packages - Office, VLC, Adobe, Chrome - and install using "silent" switches


I will then place the finished installation onto a USB stick. My intent is to make the above modifications to a Win7 64 Ultimate installation. This will allow me to install everything from a USB, complete with drivers and the software I regularly use (with a silent install). nLIte did not work when I tried this previously.


Any help and advice appreciated - you are the most current and up to date developers/users.

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