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Unattended Hyper-V VM(UPDATED 21-03-2016)


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This application will help you to create the Hyper-V VM Silently.
This application create and compiles a .cs file to create an .exe file in runtime after providing all settings.
The application file created by this application will delete itself after everything finishes and it wont allow to close once the process started(except force closing with Task Manager).

Tested on Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter

1. OSCDIMG.exe (both application and this oscdimg.exe should be in same folder)
2. .Net Framework 4.5

Small Instructions(only Applied to Generated Application at runtime):
1. Application creates .xml and .cmd files in xml directory of the main application path.
2. ISO will not be deleted, we need to delete them.

Main Instruction
If there is an error in some code(mostly i tried to fix everything) the main application cannot be compiled and unable to create an installer at runtime. At that time please go to OCI folder in the application path and send me those two files(one is .cs file and *errors.txt file to look for errors).

Username and Password:

Username: User(for Client Operating Systems), Administrator(for Server Operating Systems) 
Password: password123#



Ver (21-03-2016)

1. Added functionality to install Windows 7,8.1,10(x86 and x64).
2. Added Generation 1 and Generation 2 functionality to use (no user selection).
3. Auto detects the x64 or x86 image after attaching and auto defines the generation 1 and generation 2.
4. Windows 7 x64 is also installed on generation 1.
5. Can install both Professional and Enterprise Editions.
6. Added all KMS keys for Windows 7,8.1,10, Windows server 2012 Standard. 
7. Can add Custom Product Key.
8. Custom Email settings are functional now(gmail, hotmail, mail, yahoo pre configured).
9. So many Validations added.
10. Can select custom Image Name from WIM file to install(mandatory to select anyone).
11. Validations are functional.
12. So many bug fixes.
13. Now Log will be included in mail without attachment.

Ver (15-02-2016)

1. Added functionality to Windows 10 Enterprise x64 as Guest.
2. New User account with username User with Password password123#
3. Some bug fixes while selecting Virtual Switch.
4. Disable UAC for windows 10 until the silent installations complete.

Ver 1.0 (15-02-2016)

1. Only support Windows Server Standard 2012 R2 as Guest.
2. Only Hyper-V Support(no virtualbox or vmware).
3. VHD support only .vhdx means only Generation 2.
4. Only Single partition allowed as of now.
5. Can email log to custom Email-Id but not from custom Email-Id.
6. Has options to show or not showing progress while Installing Windows.
7. Can create VM at your free time.
8. Internal and External Switch Support.
9. Validations not added perfectly.
10. You cant create another Hyper-V VM with the same name.
11. Name of Hyper-V VM is the same for Computer name of the VM.
12. Administrator Password is Hardcoded for now Password is password123#.
13. It cant bypass Press any Key to boot from CD/DVD/USB .... You need to press a key to start.
14. Autologon Count set to 3.
15. After installing windows there is a restart and then it shutdown itself after that it will remove the DVD Drives.
16. Time Zone set to India Standard Time.
17. KMS product key used for installation 

Dont think I am a Developer, i just google what i need and do my work.

VM Creator.exe

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Updating the post with new version
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upto now i created only gen 2 hyper v for my requirement but it just a small code change to do it


and for gen 2 VM the EFI partition is mandatory as per my knowledge


is EFI mandatory for gen 1 also ?

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